Nature inspired the creation of mobile saunas design SEASONS

Sauna pleasures - all year round, in a convenient place for you! The environment around us, nature and its beauty inspired us to create a different design of mobile saunas on wheels, which we called SEASONS: "Summer", "Autumn", "Winter", "Spring".

Immerse yourself in sunbathing, pamper yourself with warmth, feel good emotions – just like on warm summer evenings – in the mobile sauna SUMMER.

Mobile sauna on wheels SUMMER (6 m²)

Cosy autumn evenings, tree leaves falling on the ground with dancing movements, peace in the air – pleasant memories and experiences will visit you in the mobile sauna AUTUMN.

Mobile sauna on wheels AUTUMN (6 m²)

Fun winter fun, great emotions, a pinch of secrets and smiles – this describes not only the pleasures of winter but also the warmth that visits the mobile sauna WINTER MINI.

Mobile sauna on wheels WINTER MINI (6 m²)

Mobile sauna WINTER (12 m2)

A new beginning, new aspirations of life, lightness and dreams can be visited by spending time in the sauna "Spring". Bright emotions - inspiration for new works!

Mobile sauna SPRING (6 m2)

Saunas can be built on a trailer or on your plot.