We implemented a 20 sq m sauna project

It's good when customers are happy. That's what we work and create for. Thank you Vidas Bareikis for kind words and trust. His testimonial about the 20 sq m sauna:


About a year ago, when the weather cooled down, Indre Stonkuviene and I started fantasising about how nice it would be to have our own sauna. After listening to a lot of recommendations and considering a few options, we joined hands with SoulWood LT.

And now I can say that it was the best decision ever! A high level of both implementation and communication with the client.
At first, the project was born only on a computer screen, but gradually it started to become a reality. And so, after a good six months of work, we can now enjoy our first property together with Indre. ????

A huge thank you to Algirdas Šimoliūnas and his colleague Vitalijus, who not only did a tremendous and professional job, but were also very tactful and human, working overtime when needed (to open the sauna before the children's party), or bringing a replacement sauna on wheels while the project was being implemented.

The sauna is snugly positioned in a corner of the plot and connects to the house through a specially designed, stage-like terrace.
The sauna house is 20 sq m and is perfect for a group of 8-12 people (already tested).

Kūrenama malkomis ir viskas suręsta taip tvirtai, kad kaip Vitalis sakė: „Terasoje ant stogo galėtum ir malūnsparnį nuleisti.” (terasa- kitos vasaros projektas)

Some people say that a sauna should be out of the house, because it loses the pleasure of going somewhere and it's hard to be the "sauna master" and to tidy up after the treatment. I agree that outings are great, but a 'home sauna' is something else. It is a quick warm-up whenever you feel like it, with 60-90 degrees in just an hour. Sometimes even 2-3 times a week, before going to bed, we stop by for a short rest after the day's work. As for maintenance and "commandeering"- it only takes me 10 minutes with a water jet and a brush.

Once again, a big thank you to the exceptional and unique Soulwood LT for this aesthetic and harmonious 20 square metres. ????????????????️"

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Photos by Vismantė Ruzgaitė